Black Cohosh Supplement

Supports women's health

and hormonal balance.

Black Cohosh

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Black Cohosh is traditionally used to manage symptoms related to hormonal fluctuations, such as those experienced during menopause. It works by influencing estrogenic activity (which refers to the action of oestrogen hormones) and supporting the body's natural hormonal adjustments. This herb is valued for its potential to ease discomfort associated with menstrual cycles and menopausal transitions and may also aid with muscle pain and sleep.


Regular use of Black Cohosh can aid in managing menopausal symptoms and promoting hormonal balance. It helps alleviate common discomforts such as hot flashes and mood swings. By supporting estrogenic activity, it contributes to the overall wellbeing of women undergoing hormonal changes.

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Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), Silicon Dioxide, Vegan (HPMC) Capsule Shell.

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