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56 AED / 28 Pills

A blend of high-potency pure plant enzymes, patented bacteria and balanced organic minerals that target gut health and champion digestion.


Digestive enzymes are patented, stabilized and heat-resistant probiotics that restore balance in your gut microbiome​ through their beneficial microorganisms. A number of factors can affect bacterial balance, especially medications and foods, causing many gut-related symptoms. Optimum bacterial balance can often be quickly restored by taking probiotic foods or targeted probiotic supplements. Amylase in digestive enzymes breaks down carbohydrates into glucose​, lactase digests lactose​, lipase assimilates fats​ and protease digests proteins​.

Our Products:
All our products are natural, non-GMO, vegan and nutritionist-recommended. We’ve searched the globe to find the purest most effective ingredients and only introduce products when they meet our strict vetting protocol. Our meticulously curated selection of vegan products is scientifically backed with a transparent ingredient supply chain.
You’re one of a kind and we want to get to know about every quirk and concern that makes you, you. Our assessment covers a comprehensive span of your health markers, such as stress, brain, digestion, energy, heart, skin, immunity, bones, sleep, and chronic illness; we think we need that extra bit of one-on-one time with you, and our nutritionists will test for food sensitivities and insufficiencies in your metabolism before providing you with your personalised supplement pack. With the increasing rate of fad ingredients and non-factual health tips circulating social media platforms across the globe, scientific backing has never been so crucial when it comes to what we ingest. We view sourcing sustainable ingredients as our duty to ourselves, you, and our planet. You can rest easy knowing that we exclusively use the most bioavailable form of each base nutrient to ensure you’re absorbing nothing but goodness.

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