Approaching wellness from the inside out

Nourish your body, flourish in life

We simplify your approach to a quality life

Everybody deserves a health plan that is tailor-made to
their body’s blueprint. That’s why we’ve veered from the
traditional one-size-fits-all supplement plan and built a
system that ensures you’re nourishing yourself with the
exact nutrients to help you obtain optimal health.

And even better, we’ve packaged them into accessible,
compact and easy-to-use daily packets so that all you
have to do is open up your personalized PicPax pouch,
take your supplements and enjoy the day!

Bespoke vitamin plans for the one-of-a-kind you

The root of many day-to-day concerns lies deeper than just surface level habits, and while exercise,
diet and rest are deeply beneficial, vitalising your inner health is key to achieving wellness in every aspect of your life

Easy, natural, honest

What you see is what you get with our supplements and vitamins. Our inventory is brimming with the best, most genuine and effective ingredients to champion wellness without the use of harmful chemicals and fad products.

Creating a new kind of care










Our Commitment to You


We've searched the globe to find the purest most effective ingredients. We stand by quality over quantity and only introduce products when we feel they meet our strict vetting protocol. Our meticulously curated selection of products is scientifically backed with a transparent ingredient supply chain.


PicPax provides science-based nutrition. With the increasing rate of fad ingredients and non-factual health tips circulating social media platforms across the globe, scientific backing has never been so crucial when it comes to what we ingest. We’re not afraid to go against the grain if it means discrediting a popular supplement or ingredient that lacks scientific data to support its benefits.


We view sourcing sustainable ingredients as our duty to ourselves, you, and our planet. You can rest easy knowing that we exclusively use the most bioavailable form of each base nutrient to ensure you’re absorbing nothing but goodness.


You become in control of your health when you’re given both appropriate tools and guidance to make the right choices. Our expertly designed assessment thoroughly evaluates your health needs, but it’s only with our nutritionists’ guidance that you can build healthy habits and instincts, such as (for example) introducing different energy-inducing foods into your diet rather than immediately resorting to melatonin to target fatigue. One is a bandaid, the other a sustainable lifestyle change.


You’re one of a kind and we want to get to know about every quirk and concern that makes you, you. Our assessment covers a comprehensive span of your health markers, such as stress, brain, digestion, energy, heart, skin, immunity, bones, sleep, and chronic illness; however, if we think we need that extra bit of one-on-one time with you, our nutritionists will test for food sensitivities and insufficiencies in your metabolism before providing you with your personalised supplement pack.


When we say quality, we mean it all around. Our products are strictly natural, non-GMO, free of additives and any fillers. From the finest sustainably sourced ingredients to the most qualified team members, dedicated customer care experience, and doorstep delivery, our priority starts and ends with you.

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